About Us

ITC Group LLC was formed to promote business development and investment in an international environment in the areas of: Health Care, New Technologies, Building / Infrastructure, and Communications.

ITC Group LLC, through its network and contacts, has recognized the need for vast development in the third world and in particular the continent of Africa and the Middle East. We work with companies and government institutions in the regions mentioned and introduce leading companies in the field of Health Care, New Technologies, Building/ Infrastructure, and Communications.

Our company was formed by a group of people with the experience, knowledge, desire and the will to share resources to improve and promote health care and economic development in national and international settings.

The criteria for selection of projects include:

  1. Impact on the greatest number of people served.
  2. Technological superiority with minimal impact on the environment.
  3. Longevity and transferability to local communities.
  4. Establishment of "Centers of Excellence" in local regions.

Our company organization and resources, and the continuous investments in terms of technologies and developing potential, provides superior support for successful execution of projects large or small. With teaming partners and associated companies, we are allowed to confront and solve complex and diverse problems with the best solutions and services.

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