ITC International Consulting Group

For every step of the way we will have experienced advisors at your side to find workable solutions to any problem that might arise.

Whether it is factories, electrical plants, housing, roads, highways, irrigation, sewage plants, waste disposal or the infrastructure development of a whole region; public authorities are favoring more and more cooperation with the private sector in Public Private Partnerships (PPP). ITC is a management consulting company specializing in the Arab world, domiciled in the United State of America. Its experts are engineers, doctors and technical professionals experienced in management, internationally qualified finance authorities and legal experienced specialists. These experts have many years of business experience with Arab partners and excellent international contacts.

  • This vision is the basis of our mission We proceed strategically, systematically and energetically with the
  • development of sustainable business relationships between Arab and American private companies.
  • A successful Joint Venture brings advantages to all parties. Technology transfer on the one hand, new markets on the other to mention just one example: The Social and Economic Development Fund: The participation of a number of medical institutions and hospitals experienced in the field of training medical doctors and leading to the development of advanced hospitals in Libya.
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