July, 2014 technical and financial pre-feasabilty study in PDF format:

Suden Pre-Feasibility Study

Agricultural project - Sudan


  1. In collaboration with "SHABIAT AL-MARGIB - ALMARGIB Province" in an area called "Al-GARAPOLI", ITC has successfully finished the first agricultural trial/project of its kind in Libya. “Hundz Soil” has been developed to convert sandy and salty soil into an agricultural producing land. “Hundz Soil” works by reducing the usage of water by up to 60%. ITC Group was awarded (4) acres of land to conduct the first trial of its kind in Libya. Following the trial success, ITC Group LLC is currently negotiating with governmental and private entities in Libya the use of "Hundz Soil" and other products to cultivate land to grow wheat, corn, olives, malt and other agricultural produce in a wider scale. Also negotiations are under way for the introduction of “Hundz soil” into the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf States..
  2. ITC in collaboration with “Makin Production”, an Egyptian TV movie and media production company, is helping through a media and advertising campaign the introduction of the National Security Number program in Libya. The advertising campaign is currently running using a highly sophisticated form of design and production and “3D Animation TV advertising” to raise the public's awareness and to educate the public about the benefit of such a program.
  3. Renovating /modernization projects in health care facilities in Tripoli and Bengazi
  4. Development of a health insurance product for Libya.
  5. Establishment of telecommunication between Libya medical school and healthcare facilities and their US counterparts.

Solar Energy


The sun is an intense powerhouse, outputting in the region of 10 decillion (that's a 1 followed by 34 zeroes) joules of energy per year. That's a lot. The whole planet is bathed in this wash of energy, and it is one of the things that makes this such a pleasant place to live. It drives the weather, heating the atmosphere and making life possible. So, wouldn't it be useful to be able to convert some of this energy into a form that we could use?
That's what plants do through photosynthesis, using light to combine carbon from the atmosphere into sugars that they metabolize to grow. And the solar panels that you see on an increasing number of roofs do something similar, converting light into electricity. They can do this because of something called the photovoltaic effect, which converts solar energy into electrical energy.

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