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  • ITC Medical Group Inc. was established to promote modern, cost efficient, quality, and environmentally sound healthcare in the international arena.
  • ITC Medical Group Inc. is a company whose mission is focused on improving healthcare outcomes in an international environment. ITC Medical Group believes that quality healthcare is a necessary element to a productive and meaningful life. By sharing new technologies, healthcare research, and building quality and effective health care systems in a culturally competent manner, true collaboration and learning can occur. The quality of care is thus improved and sustained.
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  • ITC Medical Group Inc. will provide management and oversight to the design, equip and create an Advanced Minimally Invasive and Robotics Surgical Center that will be state of the art and have the latest technology and equipment. This center will be the leader in the region in the quality of surgical care and will comply with the most stringent American standards of quality assurance and credentialing processes. Respecting local culture and mores and providing care in a transcultural environment will also be one of the goals.
  • ITC Medical Group Incorporated will assist with equipping this center with the latest in high tech equipment. A careful selection of equipment will be based not only on the most sophisticated equipment, but also on the
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  • availability and quality of spare parts and maintenance contracts.
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